The Venus Factor

by admin

5 Feb

There is a common misconception floating around these days that gives the impression of health if you’re skinny. It is a wise health concept to not be overweight, but just because you may be thin, does not mean you are necessarily in optimal health. Even though you’re skinny, you can be unhealthy and your body can be hurting. You can be at risk for diseases and health issues. I learned this after a visit to my doctor. I was constantly tired and even though I was drinking a lot of water and eating what I thought were healthy meals, I was far from good health.

It was a wake-up call for me when my hair started falling out and my skin had a dull appearance. I noticed how old I looked when I was shopping one day and caught myself in a mirror. Sure I was skinny, but I looked about ten years older than I am and was running out of energy more quickly than I thought I should. I told myself I was just stressed out with my new job and I was getting older. I knew deep inside there was something else going on with my body so I made an appointment with my doctor. After I had blood work drawn up and several other tests done, the doctor told me I was anemic, had deteriorating bones, and was lacking in numerous minerals necessary for good health. Honestly, I was a bit stunned. I took a multivitamin and ate a lot of health bars and microwave dinners that touted healthy eating. My doctor told me to eat more real food. Real food, I thought, what am I eating? I don’t eat fast food and I exercise. He said I needed to stop eating things that came from a box and cut down on items that are cooked in the microwave. After he said that, he said to come back in six months and that was it.

Well, I wasn’t sure where to go from there. I began to look around the internet for “real food” recipes and came across some Venus Factor reviews and was intrigued. The women in the testimonials looked great. I guessed they probably wore a lot of makeup and had money for supplements and skin treatments to look that great. I decided to investigate this program and its claims. I was about the same age as many of these women so I decided to see what what this program was about. I was a good weight, according to the charts but I didn’t look or feel healthy. I felt older than my age and I couldn’t keep up with my family on some days.

I decided I had nothing to lose. The website touted a whole foods approach to living and my doctor had just told me that I need to incorporate this into my diet so maybe this plan could help me. It wasn’t too expensive and information was available immediately. There was a lot of quality stuff! I was impressed with the program and the science behind it. I thought by feeding my body things labeled “healthy” I was doing just that. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was basically feeding my body foreign chemicals and substances that it was not able to digest. Because I consumed fewer calories than I burned, I was thin but it was not because my body was working effectively. This means that my liver wasn’t filtering the good and bad elements from the rest of my body and that was why I was looking so sallow and unhealthy. My digestion was off on a regular basis and no amount of fiber was helping it. It took me several weeks to fully understand how this system worked but once I realized it wasn’t a quick fix or a program, I was able to embrace the changes and work with them. It was a lifestyle change, not just special foods to eat or just counting calories. It was eating foods that our bodies need to function. The foods that helped burn fat yet have nutrients.

I learned that my pasta and chicken with sauce wasn’t as healthy as I originally thought. The minute I ate it, it turned into sugar which gave me energy for a while but then I crashed. Instead of needing all the energy drinks, shots, and pills, I could eat food that would fuel my body. I equated it with a car that ran on gasoline and could run for days on that same fill-up or a car without gas getting a quick push down the road. It may get to the destination but not much further. I took the advice of Isabel and her team and within a month my body was leaner than ever before. I was never very overweight but I never felt lean and healthy until now. It didn’t take any extra money on my part to do this but rather the same money I used on groceries was just used differently. Instead of buying packaged meals, shakes, and bars, I bought actual food. I shopped in the produce department of my store rather than the aisles with boxes and canisters. It took a while to get used to the new tastes and way of shopping but with the help of Isabel, the books, and the newsletters, I was able to do it. I know it is a lifestyle change and even as I prepare for the holiday meals, I can incorporate the ideas into the food so that I can still enjoy everything but stay healthy. I can’t wait to share it with my family and friends! By the way, I was told yesterday I look about 22, which is 13 years younger than my real age but I’m not going to correct them!

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